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5 tips to keep your carpet superclean

These will help you remove stains effectively and keep your carpet looking its best
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A clean carpet adds to the look and fresh feel of your home, but sometimes it can be tricky to maintain. Here are tips on how to clean those unavoidable stains and spots:

  1. In case of a spill, attend to it immediately by blotting the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel. Never rub a carpet stain vigorously. Rather dab from the outside in to make sure the stain doesn’t spread further or set.
  2. If it’s something sticky like gum that stuck onto a shoe and ended up on your beautiful carpet, hold an ice cube to the gum for about 30 seconds. Once the gum is frozen and hard, use a spoon to lift it off the carpet.
  3. When spring-cleaning and moving your furniture around, make sure you protect your carpets from damage by placing cardboard underneath heavier furniture when moving. Take good care of your carpets in between cleanings. Vacuum regularly and use Plush Supreme Carpet Shampoo for a sparkling-clean carpet.
  4. Avoid using heat when cleaning carpet stains, as the heat could set the stain, making it permanent. However, if you’re trying to remove candle wax, cover the wax with a piece of cloth, then press a warm iron on the cloth for no longer than 15 seconds to avoid burning the carpet. Once melted, scrape the wax off the carpet with a butter knife.
  5. If you need thorough carpet-cleaning, use products that contain sodium lauryl sulphate. This cleaning agent has a foaming booster that freshens carpets and upholstery. The new Plush Supreme carpet-care range is perfect for the task. It includes Carpet Foam Stain Remover, Carpet Shampoo and Carpet Spot & Stain Remover, all of which are fast-acting, removing tough dirt and stubborn stains. Another key ingredient contained in the products is butyldiglycol, which acts as a solvent to lift dirt, dilute stains and remove stubborn spots from your carpet. Plush Supreme is your go-to range for all your carpet-care needs.

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