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5 ways to make a cake flop

Yes, you read right. Everyone’s always telling you what not to do. Well, here’s exactly what you should do… to get a foolproof flop



Baking is a science. If rock-hard, scorched and/or runny cakes are what you want, then follow these five golden rules.

They’re sure to deliver not-so-flawless results – every time.


1.    Don’t use room-temperature ingredients

For cakes that don’t rise, go ahead and use icy cold butter. And if you really want a dense cake, forget to take the eggs out of the refrigerator before you start baking.


2.    Make up your own substitutions

The recipe asks for three cups of flour, but you’ve only got two cups. Not to worry! You’ll just add a cup of corn flour. As long as it’s white and powdery, right?


3.    Ignore measurements

Sure, a handful of nuts is more or less a cupful. So your carrot cake should turn out more or less like the one pictured in the recipe book. More… or less.


4.    Constantly open the oven

A lot can happen in 5 minutes, so it’s probably a good idea to check on your cake at least every 2 to 3 minutes. Be sure to open the oven door wide enough for the heat to escape, especially if you want your cake to stay as flat as a pancake.


5.    Don’t wait for the cake to cool

No need to let it rest in the cake tin. Who needs that extra bit of hot cake stuck to the inside of the tin anyways? Also, ice the cake while it’s still hot so you can serve it in your grandmother’s Delft soup bowls.





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