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5 ways you’re ruining your bedsheets

Avoid these common mistakes to lengthen the life of your sheets

They say we sleep for up to a third of our lives, which means we spend quite a lot of time in bed. (Even though most of us feel as though we could spend even more time snoozing!) So it makes complete sense to take good care of your bedsheets.

We’ve rounded up a few common mistakes people make when washing and drying their sheets. Avoid these common errors to make your bed linen last longer. 

1. You’re letting it get twisted in the tumble dryer

When you hear loud thumps while your bed linen is in the tumble dryer, you just know you’re going to find one big, tangled mess when you open the door later. Ugh! Prevent sheets from balling up by popping a tennis ball in the tumble dryer before switching it on. The ball will bounce around during the cycle and keep your linen from twisting and tangling. 

2. You’re overfilling your washing machine and tumble dryer

Don’t you just hate it when (we sounded just like Suzelle DIY, right?!) you take your sheets out of the tumble dryer only to find that they’re still damp in the middle? Or when you find clumps of laundry detergent after taking them out of the washing machine? It’s probably because you’re overloading your washing machine or tumble dryer. Take care not to cram them too full. 

3. You launder your sheets and towels together

Sure, they may be neighbours in your linen cupboard, but unfortunately these two don’t play so nicely together when it comes to laundering. Towels create friction during the washing and drying cycle, which can shorten the life of your sheets. Towels can also create a lot of lint, which can be difficult to remove from bedding. 

4. You use harsh detergents

Your bedding generally doesn’t get as dirty as your clothes, so it probably needs a lot less laundry detergent than you’re currently using. Plus harsh chemicals can damage your sheets. Use a gentler detergent (such as one for sensitive skins or for babies) to make your bedding last longer.

5. You don’t use a mattress cover

This extra layer of cushioning not only contributes to a comfier sleep but also prevents the friction under sheets that can cause pilling. We’re big fans of Protect-A-Bed‘s mattress and pillow protectors. 

PHOTO: iStock/Ktmophoto


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