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6 Snack Platter Essentials

It’s the time of year for impromptu pop-ins from friends and family.



Keep a selection of savoury snacks and treats in the fridge and pantry, and you’ll be able to whip up a platter in no time. All you need is chilled wine or a refreshing fruit juice and you’ll be good to go.



Olives are a snack-platter essential and these tasty offerings come at a delicious price too. R9,99, Pick n Pay



This Mediterranean-flavoured cottage cheese is a flavourful and healthy choice. R19,99, Woolworths



For a mouthwatering bite that’s fantastic with cheese, try Peppadew® Mild Pickled Onions. R19,99, Checkers



Keep a Fairview Camembert or two in the fridge and bring an instant sense of sophistication to any impromptu platter. R21, Pick n Pay



Crackers are a festive-season essential – this savoury selection from Woolworths is great! R39,95



Fruit preserves add that extra sense of celebration to any cheese-and-cracker pairing – try this clementine preserve, it’s great! R53,90, Melissa’s 

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