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6 tips to make your guest room feel like home

Turn your guest room into a home away from home for visitors
guest room

If you have guests coming to stay for a night or more these holidays, you’ll want them to feel right at home. This is something you can easily accomplish by making small changes to your guest room. Here are six ways you can create a more welcoming space that will ensure your visitors’ stay is as comfortable as possible.

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1. Create a space where your guests can set down their suitcases

Clear some space for a small table or bench where a suitcase will fit neatly. Your guests will be grateful that they do not have to stoop over to get something from their luggage. Even something as simple as an extra chair will make a big difference.

2. Leave a tray for your guests’ use

This can function as a neat storage place for toiletries or loose objects.

3. Declutter the room by giving guests a generic charger to use

A peaceful guest room is difficult to accomplish with a laptop, cellphone and tablet charger lying or hanging around. Remember that for your visitors their room will be a sanctuary away from home. While you’re at it, remove any personal items on display on a dressing table or tucked away in a wardrobe.

Try to keep the room as clutter-free as possible. Create space to hang clothes and empty a drawer or two. Leave at least six hangers in the wardrobe. A hook behind a door can also hold a bag, a jacket or a dressing gown.

4. Provide books and magazines

You want to say to guests: ‘This is your room. Relax, put your feet up and enjoy some good reading.’


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5. Give them a set of keys to your house

Everyone will relax more if your guests are free to come and go as they please. You won’t have to stand to attention and they won’t feel that they’re in the way all the time. A list of things to do and places to visit might also come in handy. And remember to leave instructions on how your security system works.

6. Always add these

Fresh flowers, snacks, wet wipes, extra bedding and towels, as well as pillows if you can spare them.

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