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6 tips to take charge of your kitchen

Make your kitchen space more livable today



  • All for One – Place a monthly planner in an accessible spot in your kitchen (a diary works just as well), assign a different colour pen to each family member and keep track of their extramurals, parties and other commitments.


  • Out it Goes – If, after a month or two, you haven’t found that lost plastic lid, chances are you won’t. Throw the other half away, find a new use for it or pass it on. The same applies to hardly used appliances you’ve been ‘meaning to’ fix.


  • Bug Off – Zap just-cleaned sponges in the microwave for a few seconds to ensure they are germ-free.


  • Less is More – Cut down on unnecessary purchases. Choose long-lasting cookware such as cast-iron pots, which allow for consistent and even cooking.


  • Cut and File – Keep a file filled with plastic sleeves with your recipe books for your must-try Good Housekeeping recipes.


  • Micro Magic – Microfibre mops carry far fewer germs than traditional cotton mops – they last longer too.
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