6 washing-machine tips

Look after your washing machine and it will reward you with years of good service. Read our expert tips.
washing machine


Treat your washing machine well and it will reward you with years of smooth operation. Cleaning it regularly doesn’t just help to minimise damage to this essential appliance, is also helps keep it working effectively and can even prolong its life. Shakil Ahmad of Personal Touch fabric softener and conditioner shares his tips.

  1. Never overload your washing machine. You need to leave enough space so the drum can spin freely. A rule of thumb is to allow at least a fist-sized gap between the washing and the top of the drum.
  2. Run a hot wash once a month. Running the washing machine when empty on the hottest wash with loose washing powder will get rid of lime scale, bacteria, smells and grease.
  3. Regularly remove the detergent drawer and wash it out well.
  4. The drain filters should be checked regularly to remove the fluff that collects in them. While you’re at it, inspect the drainage hoses for any wear and tear.
  5. After every wash, wipe the detergent drawer to minimise soap build-up, and dry the inside of the rubber door seal to help avoid mould growth.
  6. A good habit is to leave the door open when the machine is not in use, allowing it to dry properly.