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7 genius uses for dishwashing liquid

We share 7 interesting uses for dishwashing liquid that you probably haven’t heard of

Dishwashing liquid is not only a saviour in the kitchen – it can come in handy elsewhere in the house too. Here are just a few of the many uses for dishwashing liquid we didn’t know about:

  1. Silence squeaky doors or hinges: This has to be the quickest (and easiest) way to put an end to aggravating squeaks: just rub a drop of dishwashing liquid into the hinge.
  2. Unclog the toilet: Pour 4 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid into the toilet and let it sit for 10 minutes. Come back with a bucket of warm water and pour into the toilet. Voila – you’ve just unclogged your toilet without calling a plumber!
  3. Make your manicure last: Soak your nails in warm water with one to two drops of dishwashing liquid for about five minutes before you have a manicure. This removes the excess oils on your nail beds, allowing the polish to adhere to your nails better.
  4. Prep your laundry: Got a grease stain on your favourite shirt? First cover the stain with baby powder and leave it overnight. The powder will absorb the excess grease. Now dab some dishwashing liquid on the area and rub it into the fabric. Wash as normal – the stain should disappear!
  5. Find a hole in your tyre: If you think you might have a slow puncture, mix a little dishwashing liquid and water, and brush it over your tyre. A little bubble will form anywhere that there’s a hole.
  6. Clean your brushes: Dishwashing liquid works well for cleaning both synthetic makeup and hairbrushes because it cuts through the oils and silicone found in many products. Add a few drops to two litres of warm water.
  7. Make a flexible gel ice pack: Mix a cup of dishwashing liquid with 30ml of rubbing alcohol. Pour into a ziplock bag and freeze overnight to make your own flexible ice pack. It’s perfect for aches and strains. The ice pack can be refrozen.

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