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8 inexpensive ways to instantly upgrade your bathroom

With a small investment and a little ingenuity, over a weekend you can make your bathroom look and work a lot better. Here’s how:



1. Get a new toilet seat

Having a pristine seat in place is just … nice. It can be inexpensive too – as little as R100. Unbolt the old one from the rear of the bowl and attach the new; some have nuts that can be tightened with your fingers.


2. Replace your shower head

On Tap, a respected retailer, recommended the Hansgrohe Ecoflow Shower Head, which fits more than 99% of existing shower arms. It uses only approximately 7,5 litres of water per minute compared with the average 10 litres.


3. Reseal the bath or sink

Discoloured sealant makes a bathroom look dirty even when it’s not. Remove the old sealant with a scraper and solvent such as Bostik Silicone Stripper, then wash and dry surfaces. Use a product like Bostik Bath White Silicone Sealant and reapply.


4. Put down a new floor

It’s easier than you may think. For plain-coloured, stone-look vinyl tiles we like Multi-Flor Multi-Quartz tiles, which come 20 tiles to a box, covering 1,8m per box. You’ll need to apply these with Multi-Flor Multi-Purpose adhesive. Both products are available at Builders Warehouse.


5. Respray your bath

Rather than buy a new bath, call in the experts to re-enamel yours for you. Mend-A-Bath is an international chain with its own formulated enamel paint. Its experts will give your bath a new lease of life, on site. They’ll seal off your bathroom, respray your bath and leave it looking spanking new in just a few hours.  You get a guarantee too; if you’re not happy they’ll come back and redo it.


6. A new shower curtain

Vivid stripes add a splash of colour to a neutral space. Try Mr Price Home for its seasonal shower-curtain offerings, ranging from subtle patterns to fun, graphic designs.


7. Luxe towels

Who doesn’t love to cuddle up in a fresh set? We suggest Whitehouse for quality all-cotton offerings in various degrees of fluffiness. This national retailer offers a rainbow of colours at excellent, affordable prices.


8. A fresh bathmat

For secure footing, and a soothing spa-like look, splurge on a wooden mat. Prefer a softer style? Pick a super-absorbent cotton mat that’s reversible – if guests arrive and you haven’t had a chance to wash it, simply flip it over.

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