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Advertorial: Four Seasons Duvets

The flexible design of the Four Seasons Duvet™ features two separate down duvets, one lighter than the other



The lighter duvet is ideal for summer, while the medium-weight one is perfect for autumn and spring. In winter, simply clip the two together for generous warmth. Both duvets are box-stitched so that the filling stays evenly distributed.

Queen-sized (220cm x 230cm) Duck Down & Feather Four Seasons Duvet R3 680


Box-stitch Duvets

The Box-stitch style is one of our most popular styles. The box construction prevents the down from shifting inside the duvet, thereby preventing cold spots. These duvets are filled with our ever-popular duck down, which is light, downy soft and puffy. These duvets have a tog value of 12,5.

Queen-sized Duck Down Box-Stitch Duvet R2 880


Standard Pillows

3 Chamber Duck Down Pillows

The 3-chamber pillows are uniquely constructed. They have an inner core filled with our firmer duck-down and feather filling, and an outer layer filled with our soft, luxurious duck down. These pillows are perfect for people who like a firm, substantial pillow, with the added benefit of a soft down finish.

Standard (45cm x 70cm) 3 Chamber Duck Down R398


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