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Advertorial: Make the most of your move

Moving home can be stressful, but proper planning and foresight can help make the process smooth and painless

Moving into a new home can be an incredibly exciting prospect. Yet the process of moving itself is never as simple as it seems.

Between packing boxes, deciding what to keep or throw away, and locating all your belongings once in your new home, it’s no wonder that moving is widely considered to be one of the most stressful experiences you’re likely to undergo in your lifetime. However, a little foresight and a lot of planning can make the difference between an ordeal and an enjoyable experience.


Remember these tips to ensure that your next move is free of stress and hassle:


1. Make an inventory

Creating a comprehensive list of all your household items will not only help you to get a more competitive moving quote, but will also prove invaluable should your belongings go missing.


2. Choose your movers in advance

Putting your belongings in the hands of a moving company can be nerve-racking. To put your mind at rest, make sure to research a number of moving companies, taking into account recommendations from your friends, family and estate agent.


3. Stock up on moving supplies

Before you start the packing process, you’d be well advised to make sure that you’re stocked up with sufficient boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Many of us make the mistake of underestimating the number of boxes required to pack up an entire home!


4. Pre-pack unnecessary items

Packing the items you don’t use regularly well ahead of time can greatly reduce stress as moving day draws closer. Anything that you can afford to be without on a daily basis should be packed in advance.


5. Lighten your load

Many of us tend to stockpile, often ending up with masses of unused gadgets, clothes and equipment. Rather than carrying around items that you’re unlikely ever to use again, why not consider donating them to charity.


6. Label your boxes

Sifting through poorly marked boxes can be a frustrating task. Make sure that each box is clearly marked according to its contents and is assigned to a specific room. This will not only make it easier for movers to know where to put things, but will make the unpacking process a lot easier.


7. Plan beyond the move

After a long day of moving, it’s unlikely that you’ll be in the mood to unpack everything in one fell swoop. So set aside everything you might need in your first 24 hours in a clearly labeled box. (Think bedding, cooking utensils and whatever else you can’t get through the day without.)



Tips by JP Farinha, General Manager at Property24.

About Property24.com:

Property24.com is a real estate search engine with one of the largest online databases of South African property. With over 12 000 active estate agents adding their properties to the portal, we are able to provide a neutral and comprehensive view of the SA property market at any time, making it simple for property buyers to find their dream home or investment online.

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