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Advertorial: Quick home security check-list

An important step in preventing home burglary is to make sure that your residence is as secure as possible


Quick security check-list:


  1. Is every external door protected with a high quality security gate?
  2. Is every opening window secured with a dependable barrier? Don’t leave out ones that seem inaccessible. Also, are fixed window panes also secured with barriers? Criminals can cut these out with very little noise.
  3. Are all your barriers in good condition? Rust and age can weaken old-fashioned burglar guards and security gates, making them vulnerable to a well-aimed swing of a hammer.
  4. Are your barriers custom made? This is preferable to ‘off-the-shelf’ as they’re made to fit the actual opening, increasing their strength and integrity.
  5. Have you checked on your supplier’s certification, guarantees and after sales service? You need to know they will assist with repairs after attempted break-ins, if corrosion sets in or after alterations.
  6. Do you have at least one window with sliding barriers that can be opened for escape in an emergency?
  7. Have you had your burglar alarm checked by a technician recently?
  8. Have you checked that your armed response company is still receiving your alarm signal?

For more information, visit blog.trellidor.co.za

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