All we want for Christmas is…

Good Housekeeping staffers share their most wished-for household products – some of which haven’t been invented yet!
household products wishlist


I want something that will make it easier to juice lemons. It probably already exists but it would be great to have something small and manual (so I can bring it to the office) that doesn’t create a sticky mess but extracts ALL of the juice. – Carinè Müller, managing editor


A nutrition scanner. Whenever you eat something you just swipe it over the scanner to see exactly how many kilojoules/salt/sugar/whatever you’ll be consuming. Then it also tells you how much of your preferred exercise you have to do to burn it off. And it works on everything and anything. And it’s precise. Then it gives you a daily breakdown at the end of each day. – Carinè Müller, managing editor


I would love reading glasses that don’t go all squank when I lie on my side and read in bed. It isn’t as simple as breaking off an arm –  I’ve tried that! They still go wonky – and what if you want to switch sides?! – Sally Emery, editor


A lightweight, flip-open rice-cake holder. Unless you’ve bought Woolworths rice cakes, which have a sticker so you can fold over and close the packaging once it’s been opened, you tear open the plastic and then have a problem: how to keep them fresh? I’d like a lightweight container so I can easily transport it to work and back. – Catriona Ross, acting lifestyle editor


An appliance that chops, slices, shreds, mixes, blends, beats, whips and kneads dough like the Magimix my mom used to have when I was in high school. It also needs to be easy to clean, preferably in a dishwasher. I tried to look online for one appliance, like hers, that can do everything, but I couldn’t find one with all the attachments. – Elmari Potgieter, senior Afrikaans editor


What I would love would be a juicer that doesn’t have a million parts that need washing afterwards! (Maybe it’s already been invented and I don’t know about it because it’s beyond my price range…) – Ruth Mwakanandi, copy editor


I would like every handbag to have an interior (solar powered?) light that goes on when you open the bag. Or, at the least, a brightly coloured lining. My bag is black inside, and I end up scrabbling inside (and cursing) when trying to extract dark items like my glasses case and radio face, which are hard to find in those shadowy depths… – Catriona Ross, acting lifestyle editor


I’d love it if all packaging just came with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for recycling, instead of complicated codes. – Sally Emery, editor