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Bargain Kitchen Buys for under R100

Exclusive to The Crazy Store, the Hillhouse range of kitchen products has more than 200 well-priced kitchen tools, gadgets and accessories



1.      Hanging kitchen tool set

Clear your cutlery-drawer clutter and save yourself time when preparing meals by using a hanging tool set. R99,99
2.      Wondergrip jar opener

Ever found yourself battling to open a jar of pickles or mayonnaise for a midnight snack? With just a few twists with the Wondergrip, tough lids are no longer a problem. R13,99
3.      Kitchen scissors

Try using them to snip herbs and spices quickly, cut fleshy meats or to trim pastry or pasta sheets evenly. R19,99
4.      Splatter screen

This will keep your counters and clothes oil splatter-free, and best of all, the 28cm size fits most pots and pans. R39,99
5.      Nonslip tablemat

These mats can be used to stop that mixing bowl from sliding when mixing batter. R25,99
6.      Measuring jug.

The multi-measure Hillhouse jug is an essential baking and cooking tool. R14,99


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