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Blooming plates

Add colour and taste to your dishes with these edible flowers
  • Marigolds are sweet, grassy and sometimes peppery. Use in salads and stir-fries, or over a butter-drenched baked potato.
  • Nasturtiums have a flavour similar to watercress so are good in salads. Chopped finely, the leaves can be combined with fresh garlic and mixed into butter for garlic bread with a twist.
  • Borage flowers taste of cucumber. Make a Pimm’s cocktail with lemonade, chopped mint, ice cubes and halved strawberries, and float borage flowers on top.
  • Violet sugar can be made by picking the leaves off the flowers, blending with white sugar and allowing to infuse in an airtight glass jar for a week or so. Use to add a distinctive touch to shortbread biscuits, lemonade or crème brûlée.
  • Lavender livens up chicken and lamb. Use sparingly: two or three sprigs is ample.
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