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Customised Consol Cocktail Jars & Swizzle Sticks

The silly season is still in full swing – glam up your cocktails with these customised @Consol jars and swizzle sticks

You’ll need:

• 500ml Consol preserve jars

• Wooden sosatie sticks

• A selection of plastic animals, gold spray paint (we used Plascon Aerolak)

• A hand-held drill with a fine drill bit

• Superglue


How to:

• Drill a hole on the underside of your plastic animal.

• Add a drop of superglue and twist in a sosatie stick. Allow glue to dry.

• Spray all sides of the swizzle stick and animal, allow to dry and apply a second coat if necessary

• While they are drying, spray the lids of the Consol jars. Allow to dry and apply a second coat of paint.


Orininal Source: www.iwantthat.co.za

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