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Do this if your phone’s screen got smashed

Smashed or cracked the screen of your smartphone? Here the Good Housekeeping Institute offers some helpful tips on what to do… By Carrie-Ann Skinner

Oh, the pain and anguish! Most smartphones cost hundreds, so a smashed screen can be heartbreaking – and potentially dangerous if the screen is damaged so badly that shards of glass begin to fall out. Unfortunately, 45% of us have experienced this, and a third of us admit it’s not the first time…

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Thankfully, if the worst has just happened, the Good Housekeeping Institute in the UK is here to advise you on just what to do.

Quick repair

Assess the damage. If there’s more than one crack on the screen, apply a screen protector. This sticky film will cover the screen and stop any shards of glass falling out and potentially hurting you. You can buy screen protectors from electrical shops.

Should you replace the screen?

Consider whether you need to have the screen replaced or can live with the damage. If it’s only a little crack and has been secured with a screen protector, do you really need to have it repaired or buy a new handset?
If the phone was purchased on contract, how long do you have left to run before you can upgrade? If it’s only a few months, it’s probably better to wait until your contract expires and you can take out a new one – along with a shiny new phone.

If you really can’t live with the smashed or cracked screen, we recommend you have it fixed professionally by an approved repairer rather than a local shop, because you don’t want to invalidate the warranty.

Covering the cost

If you have phone insurance, either specific gadget insurance or cover through your home insurance, it’s worth checking whether you’re covered for accidental damage, as paying the excess could be cheaper than paying for a repair outright. Make sure any repairs, whether arranged by you or your insurer, are carried out by an approved repairer and won’t invalidate your handset’s warranty.

From: Good Housekeeping UK

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