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Are you paying your domestic worker a fair, living wage? This online tool will reveal whether you are.

There’s no denying that having someone to help at home can make our day-to-day lives so much easier. Whether you employ someone to help clean and tidy your home, work in the garden or assist with looking after your children, an extra pair of hands can make such a difference. But how do you know whether what you’re paying the people who work in your home is what’s considered a fair, living wage?

The clever online South African Living Wage calculator can help. All you need to do is input what you pay your domestic help on a daily or monthly basis and the tool will tell you what percentage of a projected living wage you’re helping to cover. Unlike minimum-wage amounts, which are the minimum legal amounts an employer may pay somebody for services, especially in vulnerable sectors, the suggested living wage takes factors such as food, transport and electricity costs into account and is therefore higher (and we think fairer) than the minimum wages that are set out on an annual basis by the Department of Labour.

With the cost of living rising on a regular basis in South Africa, it could be that the wage you’ve been paying your domestic help is no longer in line with what is considered a living wage. With this easy online living wage tool, you’ll know and can rest assured that the people who help you at home are being paid fairly for the work they do.

The Living Wage calculator was formulated by Code For South Africa, a non-profit civic-technology lab that uses data and technology to promote informed decision-making to drive social change.

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