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Gifts with a Difference

Don’t know what to give (or get)? Try these alternative gifting options



Gift Experience South Africa


Good for… when you want to give someone an experience, not an object.

The concept: Visit www.giftexperiencesouthafrica.co.za to choose from 270 options around the country, from shark-cage dives and falconry lessons to sports-car drives and professional photoshoots. Flying, boating, adventure, gourmet, spa, getaways – virtually every dream-experience is offered on this website. Postal gift vouchers or e-tickets for an experience are bought online, and then couriered or e-mailed to recipients, who simply activate the voucher and book their experience. Or, buy an open-value voucher, which your recipient can put towards any of the experiences offered.

Call 021 813 6060 or 079 931 1944





Good for… when you want to give money as a gift but don’t want to hand over cold, hard cash.

The concept: It’s like giving a gift voucher, but GiftBucks isn’t restricted to a particular store. This gift card works as a debit card, and can be spent at any store throughout SA. See www.giftbucks.co.za to buy or top up a gift card, or call 0860 392 737.



À la Card Celebrations


Good for… when you would like your friends to contribute towards your desired gift/s, but you don’t want to ask them for cash.

The concept: Basically, it’s a gift registry with a difference. Register your event or celebration online at www.alacardcelebrations.co.za. There, you create your dream-gift wish list, and your invitations are automatically e-mailed to your guest contact list. Guests log on and gift you with a cash contribution towards your dream gifts, which get loaded onto a MasterCard gift card that’s sent to you just prior to your big day, to spend in any store in SA.

Johannesburg: 011 463 0759; Cape Town: 021 762 6575


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