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How to create a vertical garden

No space for a garden? No problem. Plant walls are an easy and inexpensive way of adding a little greenery to your space

Plant walls have been a growing trend ever since French botanist Patrick Blanc started covering building and store walls with living plants.


A living wall is a great way to turn a small backyard, balcony or patio into a retreat. It’s relatively easy to create and if you do your homework properly, it can be inexpensive too.


Here are a few ideas to get you started:


1. Hang it

Pot your succulents, ferns or herbs in these plant pockets and give any wall a green makeover! Simply hang a single pouch on a lonely-looking wall or create a plant mural with a set. (R129 each from www.citymob.co.za)


2. Bottle it

Why not save the environment while you’re at it! Transform plastic bottles into wall art: cut a gap into one side of the bottle, make a hole on each side of the gap, push strong wires through the holes and hang the bottles on a garden wall.


3. Box it

Transform an old wooden crate into a vertical herb or succulent garden. Click here to see the step-by-step instructions.

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