Suzelle DIY’s tips and tricks for the beach

Suzelle’s clever solutions will make your beach outing even more enjoyable, with less hassle and more fun for everyone!

Hold on to your (sun) hat!

Suzelle’s latest YouTube video is jam-packed with some genius ideas for a hassle-free outing to the beach. From making no-spill cups for lollies to creating a sand-free zone (ideal for families with babies or toddlers), building an umbrella table and freezing sponges for ice blocks, Suzelle really went all out to ensure that everyone has a jolly good time at the beach this summer.


We can’t wait to try some of her brilliant beach hacks, especially the easy-to-make towel headrest. Marianne also contributed with a clever tip of her own: glue a tennis ball to the lid of a large glass jar. Place your valuables (like your keys, phone and money) inside the jar and bury it in the sand with the tennis ball sticking out so you can easily find and remove it. Placing your cellphone inside a sealable plastic bag is another great idea – we’re sure it’ll work just as well for e-readers and tablets.


So without further ado, and before we give away any more spoiler alerts, here’s the video:




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