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Make these 4 Household Items Last Longer

Try these clever tricks to extend the lives of the hardest-working items in your home



1. Mildewy vinyl shower-curtain liner


Fix it: Wash in the machine (on a short cycle) with some old towels, using hot water and bleach.

Keep it longer: Leave the bathroom door or a window open – and/or a ventilation fan turned on – for 20 minutes post-shower.


2. Knife with a nicked blade


Fix it: Check places like Barksole. They not only fix shoes and luggage but also sharpen knives and will grind down the edge of that nicked knife.

Keep it longer: Use a block, a drawer insert or a blade sheath to protect it.


3. Saggy seat cushion


Fix it: If the upholstery is still in good shape, remove the foam insert and take it to Fabric Link in Joburg, Ethekweni Foam Converters in Durban (% 031 303 7433) or Foamkor in Cape Town. They will custom-cut replacements.

Keep it longer: Flip cushions every few months to help them wear evenly.


4. Wobbly wooden furniture


Fix it: The easiest way to save a wiggly wooden chair leg: stick in a toothpick where the leg meets the seat, then simply break it off. For scratches, try Liberon Touch-up Pens.

Keep it longer: Support a loose chair leg sooner rather than later using a toothpick or nails. If you keep using the piece as is, you risk breaking it.




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