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Must-buy: cosmetic bags

If you’re often on the move, then having a toiletries and cosmetics bag ‘system’ that works for you can make life a little simpler


We love the Woolies range of transparent cosmetics bags.


They come in a set of three (small, medium and large), which is perfect, as bigger essentials can be stored in the larger bag while things like makeup can be put in the medium-sized one and medication, plasters, tweezers and so on can go in the small bag.

Our lifestyle editor, Vicki Sleet, says: ‘I like them so much I’ve bought two sets. They’re really useful when you go away with the family and you need to know exactly where you’ve packed the plasters for that inevitable scrape, and I love the utilitarian feel of them – all matchy-matchy!’

Transparent and red sets R99 each, both Woolworths



Vicki’s other favourite buys are the Country Road cosmetics bags.


‘Country Road brings out new designs on a regular basis (they’re always in the same shape, though, with two zipped compartments) and they’re a favourite gift to give friends for their birthdays – filled with goodies, of course!’ says Vicki.

‘I like to use mine as a holder for all the chaos that tends to hit my handbag. The bags hold everything from lipstick to sunscreen, my business cards, pens, plasters, iPod, small change … you get the picture. When I change handbags, I’m sorted, as long as I have my handbag bag.’

Green and brown checkered bag R129, Woolworths

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