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When NOT to wear your precious rings

Know when you should not be wearing your expensive rings

There are some scenarios when you should really remove your precious engagement or wedding ring. Protect your jewellery and keep the sparkle by not wearing them in these instances:

1. A workout at the gym

Your rings are at risk of taking a knock, especially when you work out with weights or dumbbells. Having a ring around your finger when gripping equipment such as dumbbells or other sports equipment can affect your grip and cause hand injuries, and the precious metal can soften and deform if it comes into contact with another metal (from a dumbbell, for instance).

2. A swim in the sea or pool

Not only can salt water or chlorine damage or discolour your ring, cold water can also slightly shrink your fingers and you could lose your ring in the water.

3. Washing the dishes

If you submerge your precious rings in water and dishwashing liquid, the soapy residue can dull the metal and some chemicals can damage the ring over time.

4. Cleaning in and around the house

Harsh chemicals found in household cleaners are not exactly the best partners for precious metals and stones, as chemicals can cause discolouration. You can also end up banging your rings on a hard surface while you’re scrubbing, which can potentially damage the setting.

5. Cooking or baking

Whether it’s kneading dough for bread, shaping cookie dough or stuffing a chicken, any fat or food residue can form a dull film over your rings.

6. Moisturising or applying beauty products

Put your ring on after you are done with your morning routine – that includes everything from moisturising your face and body, applying makeup with fingers, or working hairspray, gel or mousse through your hair. These products can leave a cloudy residue, making your jewellery dull.

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