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Advertorial: Save more on laundry costs

Energy-efficient laundry appliances can be an important money-saver for your family

Laundry is a chore that everyone does on a regular basis. It’s said that some households can do up to 400 loads a year!

Needless to say, this can be a quite costly chore in the long run.


That’s why energy-efficient laundry appliances can be an important money-saver for your family.


Defy’s washing machine range is technologically equipped with convenient and unique solutions tailored to suit every market. Their tumble dryers also offer a range of advanced programmes; from refreshing to preventing creasing, accommodating large loads with extreme efficiency and more.



Save on washing 

Best energy-saving feature: Eco Wash 20˚C programme

(The DAW372 retails between R3 999 and R4 499)


An A+ energy efficiency rating was given to the DAW372 washing machine and its further equipped with two energy saving Eco Wash programmes that help reduce electricity.

The Eco Wash 20˚C programme comfortably handles 3.5 kilograms of lightly soiled or stained clothing at 20˚C. In addition, the Cotton Eco 40˚C programme offers maximum energy and water savings for normally soiled cotton and linen laundry.



Save on drying 

Best energy-saving feature: A – 30% energy rating

(The DT315 retails between R5 999 and R6 499)


Fusing the technology of air conditioners and condenser dryers, the DT315 Heat Pump Dryer dries laundry by condensing water out of garments, while using minimum amounts of energy.

These dryers are equipped with the most efficient drying technology and received an A – 30% energy rating which is a 30% improvement on energy efficiency from the A.



For more than a 100 years Defy has been a trusted part of South Africans’ homes and through continued commitment to service excellence, understands the relationship that develops between an appliance and its user. For more information, visit www.defy.co.za.  



Q: How often do you do laundry?

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