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Sew & Go

Your can have your clothes always looking their best, if you have what’s needed for fast fixes at the ready. With these 3 tips, we’ve got your clothes and shoe-care needs all sewn up



1. Mending Essentials – The Basics for your kit: fusible webbing; scissors; craft glue; a seam ripper; garment chalk (to mark items before sewing); safety and straight pins; all-purpose thread (in white, beige, black and navy hues); various sizes of needles; dental floss; and measuring tape or a ruler.


2. Shoo-ins – Help your favourite footwear maintain its shape with DIY shoetrees: crumpled, odour-absorbing newspaper for trainers or flats, and rolled magazines for boots. (If you like, buy one cedar shoetree to insert into your most recently worn shoes.)


3. On the Go – Store these handy little helpers in your handbag or at the office to ensure you always look sharp, no matter what: stain-fighting wipes or pen (when using, work from the stain’s edges inwards, to avoid spreading the splotch); garment tape to secure a fallen hem or gaping shirt for a day; static guard for those clingy fabrics; clear nail polish to stop runs in your stockings; an emery board to buff stains from suede (gently rub across spots to refresh the nap); and a lint roller. (Tape will also work, in a pinch.)

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