Suzelle DIY: How to Make a Copper -pipe Coffee Table

Give a nod to the copper trend with Suzelle’s quick and easy DIY coffee table
copper pipe table


Copper is still big news on both the fashion and décor fronts and we couldn’t think of a more clever (and pretty) way to incorporate copper in your home than with Suzelle’s gorgeous DIY coffee table. It’s easier to make than it looks – we promise! – and it’s just in time for the weekend.

SPOILER ALERT: Suzelle uses conduit pipe instead of real copper, ‘because it’s cheaper and better’.


Here’s what you’ll need to make Suzelle’s copper -pipe table:

  • a tray
  • some conduit pipes
  • some elastic
  • a pipe cutter
  • sandpaper
  • masking tape
  • marker
  • measuring tape
  • a variety of spray paints
  • little bracket thingies




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