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Suzelle DIY’s 10 Christmas decorating hacks

Because anybody can!
Suzelle DIY's 10 Christmas decorating hacks

Christmas is a time to get creative! South Africa’s favourite DIY diva shows us 10 festive décor and gift projects you can make at home. Just like that!

1. Cheeky pumpkin snowman 

Use this friendly fellow to prop open your front door and provide some good cheer.

You’ll need: Three pumpkins ranging from large to small, white spray paint, googly eyes (available from craft shops), permanent marker, accessories.

To make: Spray-paint the pumpkins and allow to dry. Attach eyes, draw on features and dress. 

2. Fantasy feather ornaments 

feather fantasy
These glittery decorations make such a festive statement and they’re so easy to make!

You’ll need: A small paintbrush, clear glue, feathers in a variety of colours (available at any craft shop), glitter.

To make: Using your paintbrush, paint glue onto the area you’d like to cover with glitter, immediately dust with glitter and allow to set. Shake any excess off. Mix together leftover glitter to create a multicoloured look for the last few feathers.

3. Posh peg wreath 

peg wreath
A festive wreath sets a friendly tone – and when it’s gold and glamorous like this one, you might not want to take it down!

You’ll need: Wooden clothes pegs , spray paint primer, spray paint in the colour of your choice, a small embroidery hoop with the inner hoop removed, ribbon for wrapping around your the hoop and to form the handle.

To make: Spray-paint pegs using primer and allow to dry. Spray-paint with colour and allow to dry. Wrap hoop with ribbon and make a loop to hang on a door or hoot. Clip pegs around the hoop and attach a bauble in the middle if you like.

4. Blooming balls

bloomimg balls
This year, add a beautiful and personal touch to your Christmas tree with baubles you made yourself.

You’ll need: Polystyrene balls, skewers, a glass, a paintbrush, PVA paint, coloured card, a flower punch, ribbon, pins, clear glue, twine.

To make: Skewer each ball and balance them in a glass. Paint and allow to dry. (Two coats is enough.) Punch flowers from card. Wrap ribbon around each ball and fasten with pins (securing flowers at the same time). Use glue and a pin to add a loop of twin.

5. Personalised wrapping paper 

personalised wrapping paper
Surprise your family and friends by stealing pictures off their Facebook feed to create your own wrapping paper.

You’ll need: A selection of images, a printer.

To make: Upload images to a free photo-editing site like www.picmonkey.com to create a collage. Print off and wrap your gifts.

6. Stripey Christmas tags 

christmas tags
These paint-sample tags are so easy to make and look so lovely on gifts.

You’ll need: Paint-sample tags, a Christmas tree template (visit www.allfreeprintables.com for a printable one), scissors, a punch, twine.

To make: Trace the template onto the back of the paint tags, cut out and punch a hole in the top of each. Attach twine and fix to your gift.

7. Starstruck decorations 

star decorations
You made paper stars in preschool … it’s time to turn them into a beautiful art form, perfect for decorating your home, table or presents.

You’ll need: A4 sheets of paper in the colours of your choice, sharp scissors

To make: Follow the folding and cutting template on www.firstpalette.com for four fabulous snowflake patterns. Flatten under heavy book and use as you like.

8. Bauble-licious centrepiece 

bauble centrepiece
Oh no – all your baubles seem to be missing their strings! Don’t worry, you can still use them as part of your Christmas décor.

You’ll need: A glass bell jar, Christmas baubles, strings of tinsel.

To make: Turn the jar upside down and fill with baubles . Coil the tinsel on top of the baubles and carefully turn the jar the right way around. Pu a piece of thin cardboard over it when tipping it over, then carefully slide it out. Pop it onto your dining table or entrance-hall table for a colourful centrepiece.

Now, sort & store your baubles, just like Suzelle! 

bauble centre piece

You’ll need: A crate or box, paper cups

To make: Fill the crate or box with paper cups, then stack your baubles inside for safe storage and easy access for next Christmas.

AND FINALLY,  here is an ‘oh sew easy’  last minute crafty Christmas gift idea:

pin cushion

This is a simple budget-friendly gift everyone needs for those ‘oh shucks’ clothing emergencies.

You’ll need: Spray paint, a 500ml Consol preserving jar, batting, fabric, fabric glue, card, sewing accessories.

To make: Spray-paint jar lid and allow to dry. Place batting on loose lid disc and cover with fabric. Secure with glue and use card to cover the lid base to hide untidy fabric ends. Fit lid sections together. Fill jar with sewing essentials.


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