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The Best and Worst Colours for Sleep

The colour of your bedroom décor could be preventing you from having a good night’s rest.

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It makes sense that our mattress and pillow can affect our sleep patterns and our quality of sleep. What is probably less obvious is that the colour of our bedroom walls and other décor can also play a role. A study conducted by UK hotel brand Travelodge looked into 2 000 homes across the UK to investigate how colour influences quality of sleep. They discovered that there is a correlation between the two, and that you can enhance your sleep by choosing specific bedroom-décor colours.

‘On average, adults regularly need about seven hours of proper restful sleep in order to be productive,’ says Jenni Jameson, business development manager at sleep-product specialist Tempur. ‘The colours in your bedroom, as well as your mattress and pillow, play a large role in the quality and quantity of sleep. It’s important that your bedroom environment creates a tranquil ambience conducive to sleep.’

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Here’s what the Travelodge survey found:

Best Colours for Sleep

1. BLUE contributes to longer rest and is calm and soothing.

2. YELLOW creates a happy ambience in the bedroom.

3. ORANGE relaxes muscles.

4. SILVER mimics moonlight and let’s the brain know that it’s night.

5. PINK adds to feelings of positivity and relaxation.

Worst Colours for Sleep

1. RED quickens the pulse, which is not conducive to sleep.

2. PURPLE can stimulate the mind and imagination, energising the body. It can also boost nightmares.

3. BROWN creates a gloomy feeling.

4. GREY can make you feel dreary and isolated, resulting in restless sleep.


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