Upcycle old Christmas baubles

A little imagination goes a long way!
christmas baubles

Looking for something to keep the kids occupied during the upcoming school holidays? Haul out your tired-looking Christmas baubles and give them a new lease of life with this fun craft project. (Bonus: it’s also a great recycling lesson for your children!)


What you will need:


* Old Christmas-tree baubles (or buy some cheap ones if you don’t have any)

* Bostik Rainbow Glitter Glue

* Bostik Crazy Clay

* Bostik Clear All Purpose Adhesive

* Bostik Prestik


  1. Coat baubles thoroughly with Bostik Rainbow Glitter Glue. Hang them from your kitchen counter or similar surface using the string attached to the bauble and some Bostik Prestik. Allow the baubles to dry.
  2. Using Bostik Crazy Clay, create eyes, moustaches and pretty lips.
  3. Once the baubles’ glitter glue is dry, use Bostik Clear All Purpose Adhesive to attach the lips, moustaches and eyes to the baubles.
  4. Allow the adhesive to dry.
  5. Hang the baubles on your Christmas tree.
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