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Update your home décor on a budget

Want to update your home décor? Try one (or all!) of these budget-friendly ideas for an instant update from floor to ceiling

1. Cosy up your couch

Scatter cushions or a snuggly throw are easy (and affordable) ways of updating your couch and adds a pop of colour to an otherwise plain room.


2. Powerful paint job

The quickest way to update the look of any room is by painting the walls. Save more and only paint a feature wall.


3. The “fifth wall”

Don’t forget the fifth wall! Most people stick to a white ceiling, but a colourful ceiling in a contrasting colour draws the eye up to something exciting (and away from your old rug that you haven’t had a chance to replace).


4. Al natural

Buy some herbs and pretty planters (or paint old pots) at your local nursery. Place the potted herbs on your coffee or dining table or even in your kitchen for a fresh look.


5. Good enough to eat

Create an inexpensive centrepiece by placing fruit (like apples or oranges) in a bowl, basket or glass vases. Décor in an instant!


6. Second changes

Get more out of your furniture by utilising pieces for a purpose other than what they were intended for. For instance, you can sand down and/or paint an odd-one-out chair and use it as a bedside table.


7. Beautiful bottles

Make an empty stand or windowsill a focal point by displaying a collection of empty glass bottles on it. See here how you can make pretty vases by using empty bottles and scrapbooking paper.


8. Shine bright

Give an old lamp new life: spray paint the base and switch the lampshade for a new one. You can even make your own shade by covering the shade’s frame with new material.


9. Brand new bathroom

The easiest (and most affordable) way to update your bathroom’s look is by replacing the shower curtain, bathmat and towels. Give your bathroom a quick makeover by simply changing up the colours.


10. Clever cabinets

Update the heart of your home without breaking the bank. You can either give your kitchen cabinets a new coat of paint or you can remove some of the cabinets’ doors, wallpaper the back wall of these cabinets and ta-da – beautiful display shelves on a budget!


TIP: Look out for fabulous budget-friendly décor finds at second hand stores, hotel liquidators, thrift stores and markets. 

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