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Your Christmas-countdown guide to cleaning: 3 weeks to go

Tips for a clean, organised living room!
Christmas countdown

3 weeks to go: living room

Cleaning commandment: ‘I will have my couches and rugs professionally cleaned once a year’

There’s no better time to do your annual couch and rug clean than before Christmas when the whole family comes to visit. Make sure, though, to get this done sooner than later, as cleaners tend to get rather busy this time of year and could book up in advance.

An annual clean of your furniture, carpets and rugs can also extend their life span. So a regular clean for a longer life – everyone ends up a winner. 

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Project squeaky clean: time to clean those curtains

Just like the couches and rugs, your curtains should also get an annual wash. Make sure you wash your curtains according to their care instructions.

1. Machine-wash: First check the label for washing instructions. If your curtain fabric hasn’t been prewashed, it’s not suitable for machine-washing. Wash on a delicate cycle using a mild detergent.

2. Use the lightest spin setting to prevent wrinkling and dry curtains flat to stop the fabric from stretching.

3. Using a steam cleaner, work your way from top to bottom, ensuring you keep your distance so as not to wet the fabric.

4. Save steam cleaning for heavier curtains and choose a warm day to ensure they dry quickly.

1 hour to a spick-and-span lounge 

Get your lounge guest-ready in no time:

15-MINUTE TASK 1: Grab a microfibre cloth and run it over all surfaces, from the coffee table to side tables, shelves, picture frames and light fixtures.

30-MINUTE TASK 2: To clean your windows effectively, spray on your preferred detergent and wipe horizontally. TIP: Choose a cloudy day because direct sunlight makes liquid dry too quickly, causing streaks.

15-MINUTE TASK 3: Pet hair begone! Roll a lint brush over cushions, couches and lampshades to pick up loose fur and fluff. Another easy way to pick up pet hair is to dampen a rubber glove, pop it on and swipe over furniture. Save sweeping time by using a hand-held vacuum cleaner to pick up the rest.

Clean crew

Keep these cleaning items on hand for quick clean-ups during the festive season:

1. Say goodbye to dust with microfibre cloths. R79,99 for a pack of four, MRP Home

2. For unexpected spills and crumb chaos, use the Hoover Gator Handheld Vacuum. R999, Takealot

3. Mr Muscle’s 5 in 1 Tile Cleaner cuts through grease, leaving tiles clean and shiny. R34,99

Organising commitment: ‘I will give the remotes a home’

Stop frantic searches for these essentials by having a small tray or box handy for storing them.

Project tidy-up: restore order to your lounge cabinet

1. DVDs AND MAGAZINES: Save space by investing in a disc flip file (available from music stores) and file your DVDs in categories. Sort magazines into must-keeps and can-throws; file articles you’d like to keep in a flip file.

2. BOOKS: Remove all books from the shelves and sort into genres (for example, coffee-table books, novels, children’s books). Start a give-away/sell pile as you go. Repack the shelves in these categories – it makes returning books to their proper homes much easier.

3. TRINKETS AND COLLECTABLES: Dust off your trinkets and choose a selection to have on display, then box up the rest. Rotate your collectables every few months.

10 minutes to a livable lounge

Refresh the space and maintain order while guests come to stay for the holidays:

5-MINUTE TASK 1: Let’s sort that coffee table! Pop a tray onto the surface and let that be a home for remotes, a candle, a trinket or one or two books.

5-MINUTE TASK 2: Time for a new couch and chairs setup? Why not get your couch and chairs to swap places?

Lounge lovelies

Add a modern look to your living room before Christmas time for a fresh look with these household items:

1. Moden shelf R2 500, MRP Home

2. Jute storage basket R229, H&M 

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