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Your Dream Kitchen: 5 Easy Ideas

Whether you want the hub of your home to work harder or look fresher (or both), we have some smart and affordable strategies



1. The Light Fantastic

Recessed lighting and pendant lights illuminate counters, making your work easier. If you have wall cabinets, install downlighters underneath them to offer light on your work surfaces. Although pricier to start with, LED downlighters last much longer and use far less electricity.


2. Six-burner Stove

It’s a luxury, but anyone who regularly cooks for a crowd will understand the beauty of two extra burners. This is one place to splurge, if you have the counter space.


3. Simple Hardware

Cabinet hardware can be shockingly expensive, partly because you need so many knobs and handles. Tip: To keep your price down, keep the look simple. Love vintage? Scour second-hand shops for vintage handles.


 4. Hang it up

Short on space but big on kitchen gear? Mount racks on the wall for easy access without compromising on precious counter space. Try Banks (www.banks-shop.co.za) for magnetic knife racks and rods for pots and pans.


5. Move it

When space is a priority, essential items that can be moved become indispensable – a butcher’s block can be ‘parked’ when not in use and easily moved to where it’s needed.



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