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10 Tricky Foodie Words and How to Pronounce them

If you can confidently say ‘bouillabaisse’, skip this one. For the rest of us, here’s how to say these commonly mispronounced foreign foods




1. Aïoli, the thick, garlicky mayonnaise-like Provençal sauce: say ‘ay-OH-lee’ or ‘i-OH-lee’.


2. The spice anise? It’s pronounced ‘AN-ihss’.


3. Order the traditional Provençal fish stew bouillabaisse this way: ‘BOOL-yuh-BAYZ’.


4. Charcuterie – cured, smoked and other prepared meat products made mainly from pork, such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines and pâtés – are pronounced ‘shahr-KOO-tuhr-ee’ or ‘shar-koo-tuhr-EE’.


5. The pastries are everywhere, but correct pronunciation is rare! Croissant is said ‘kwah-SAHN’, ‘KWAH-sawn’ or ‘kruh-SAHNT’.


6. Edamame, the young green soya beans served as starters in sushi bars, and Japanese and Chinese restaurants? Say ‘eh-dah-MAH-meh’.


7. Foie gras, the controversial pâté made from fattened goose or duck livers, is pronounced ‘FWAH GRAH’.


8. Mascarpone, the deliciously thick, creamy Italian cheese often used in desserts, is ‘mas-kar-POH-nay’.


9. Prosciutto, Italian dry-cured ham, is pronounced ‘proh-SHOO-toh’


10. Worcestershire sauce, the fermented English sauce often used in Welsh rarebit, is ‘WOOS-tuhr-shuhr’. But if that’s too much of a tongue-twister, shorten it to Worcester (‘WOOS-turh’).


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