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3 Minutes with Food Blogger Alida Ryder

In our April issue Alida shares her favourite brunch recipe, The Ultimate Creamy Mushrooms. Here she gives us a glimpse into her foodie world



1) Name three things that make an at-home brunch special.

Lots of mimosas, good company and eggs Benedict.


2) Do you have any Easter rituals?

We always do a big Easter-egg hunt with all the cousins, as the kids love it so much. We also get together as a family and have a big Easter brunch.


3) What five ingredients are you never without in your kitchen?

Lemons, garlic, chilli, butter and Parmesan.


4) Name your can’t-live-without kitchen tool or appliance.

My Kenwood Triblade hand blender is absolutely my most used appliance and I can’t cook without my Wüsthof and Scanpan knives.


5) Which food bloggers do you follow?

I absolutely love the sweet treats of Naomi from Bakers Royale and her photography is amazing. I also really like Eva Kosmas’s Adventures in Cooking.


For Alida’s blog, see http://simply-delicious.co.za.

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