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3 Minutes with Food Blogger Jane-Anne Hobbs

In our April issue Jane-Anne shares her favourite brunch recipe, Hot Caprese Tart. Here she tells us about her favourite bloggers, and more



1) Name three things that make an at-home brunch special.

A brunch is a great opportunity to make wonderful old-fashioned breakfast dishes you wouldn’t normally have the time to prepare: creamy kedgeree, devilled mushrooms, kippers, crumpets and Atholl brose (oatmeal with whisky, honey and cream). Add some very cold bubbly and freshly squeezed orange juice, plus a table full of good friends, and you can’t go wrong.


2) Do you have any Easter rituals?

My whole family usually spends Easter at our beach cottage in KwaZulu-Natal, and the programme never varies: an early swim, an Easter-egg hunt in a sunny glade, then a full English breakfast with plenty of pork bangers. To finish up, fluffy maas scones topped with cream and jam, a legendary recipe perfected by our housekeeper Irene Ncobo.


3) What five ingredients are you never without in your kitchen?

Lemons, olive oil, garlic, cherry tomatoes and Kikkoman soy sauce.


4) Name your can’t-live-without kitchen tool or appliance.

A high-quality, super-sharp Microplane is an indispensable gadget in my kitchen. I have to replace mine fairly often, as I work them to death grating citrus zest, Parmesan, fresh ginger and unpeeled cloves of garlic.


5) Which food bloggers do you follow?

Tangerine and Cinnamon by local historian and food writer Dr Sarah Emily Duff is a joy to read, and is crammed with many wonderful food-related links. I’m also a great fan of Kobus van der Merwe’s Sardines on Toast, a beautifully photographed blog featuring landscapes, recipes and foraged food from the West Coast.


For Jane-Anne’s blog, see www.scrumptious.co.za.

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