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5-ingredient (and under) dishes for the whole family

No more than five ingredients!

Monday: Baby-marrow bites

These baby-marrow bites are perfect for a Meat-free Monday. Either make them as a starter if cooking for a large group, or make a giant bowl that everyone can enjoy as a main. 

Tuesday: Sausage roll

This easy-to-make sausage roll is going to become a family favourite. While it’s in the oven, why not spend some quality time with your family? 

Wednesday: Ham & cheese straws with aïoli

For a midweek indulgence, try these ham and cheese straws with aïoli. Serve them warm or at room temperature – either way, they’ll be delicious. What’s also great is that these delicious ‘straws’ can be served as a starter or a main, depending on how many you make. 

Thursday: Gnocchi & chorizo gratin

This gnocchi and chorizo gratin dish, with its winning combination of cheese and chorizo, definitely delivers. 

Friday: Beer-can chicken

Ideal for a night spent with friends, this beer-can chicken is fun to make and even better to eat! Add a number of side dishes for a delicious Friday-night feast. 

Saturday: Chard & Gruyère eggs in the hole

Start the weekend with this delicious and super-easy eggy breakfast. You can use any type of bread, as long as it’s big enough to fit your egg into the slices. Add extra cheese if that floats your boat!

Sunday: Smoked-salmon blinis with tzatziki

Perfect to accompany a Sunday braai, these smoked-salmon blinis with tzatziki make a great tummy filler while the meat is being cooked on the fire. 

Delicious dessert: Raspberry meringue bomb

Take up the challenge of creating this fresh and delicious dessert! It’s easier to make than it looks – honest! All it takes is patience and a little finesse. 

Weekend bake: Plum & marzipan tarte tatin

No-one will believe that this impressive-looking dish has only four ingredients. It’s the ultimate showstopper at any dinner party or celebration, simply because it looks so beautiful. And it tastes even better than it looks!


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