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5 Smart Lunchbox Snacks

Every lunchbox needs a little snack. Ensure you choose smart and healthy snack ideas for you and your family with these top tips from registered dietitians Gabi Steenkamp and Celynn Erasmus, authors of Fast Food For Sustained Energy (Tafelberg publishers)



Note: These portions are ideal for women; they can be halved for children and upped one-and-a-half times for men


  • Cheese and vegetable skewers – for example, two cherry tomatoes per mini cheese cube threaded alternately onto a skewer.
  • Crudités and dip – one to two cups of vegetable crudités with up to six tablespoons of fat-free flavoured cottage cheese, tzatziki or reduced-fat hummus.
  • Biltong – about 30g lean biltong such as ostrich or game.
  • Dried fruit – a serving of about 40g.
  • Pretzels or nuts – the smallest packet you can find, no more than 30g (about a handful).




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