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5 waterless meals your family will love

These family-friendly recipes require no water for the cooking process

Whether you are a Capetonian desperate for ideas to help you stay below your daily water allowance of 50 litres per person, or are simply committed to saving water, we’ve got you covered with these water-saving recipes. 

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1. Roasted sweet potato & chicken salad

This filling salad is the perfect light lunch for a hot summer’s day.

2. Beef & French-fry sauté

This one-pan wonder is sure to become a firm family favourite. 

3. Easy meatloaf with baked beans

Besides the fact that it’s water-wise, we love that this dish can be whipped up with kitchen staples like canned beans and tomatoes, and beef mince.

4. Easy hake traybake

Another one-dish winner! This simple dish ticks all the boxes for a great family meal – quick, easy and delicious. 

5. Veggie frying-pan lasagne

Even meat lovers will ask for second helpings of this moreish meal! Cooking pasta uses a lot of water, making lasagne (which cooks in the sauce) the perfect water-wise alternative.

Though using less water to cook and prepare meals is an excellent start, there are other ways to be even more water-conscious in the kitchen:

1. Use less water for dishwashing by using nonstick cookware (simply wipe it clean with a kitchen towel), making one-pan meals, serving finger food or using paper plates. 

2. Buy pre-washed fruit and veg. If that’s not an option, collect the water used for rinsing fresh produce and repurpose it for flushing the toilet, for instance.

3. Be more aware of your water footprint – that’s the amount of water used, directly and indirectly, to produce a product. Did you know it takes about 70 litres of water to produce one apple? Visit waterfootprint.org to learn more. 


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