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Almost as Easy as Takeaways

Daily Dish just made weeknight suppers a whole lot easier



Daily Dish is an online supper solution. Sign up – and you’ll receive recipes and groceries for four meals. All you need to do is choose from the classic, low-carb or veg options and whether you want to feed two or four people.


PRICES (including delivery)




Recipes with fish, chicken, red meat and just veg.

2 people is R425 per week (R58 per plate)

4 people is R675 per week (R42 per plate)




Meals limited to 30g carbs per plate.

2 people is R490 per week (R61 per plate)

4 people is R700 per week (R44 per plate)




Ovo-lacto vegetarian recipes.

2 people is R425 per week (R53 per plate)

4 people is R565 per week (R35 per plate)


For more info and to subscribe, visit www.dailydish.co.za. The service is currently available only in Cape Town, but will be in Joburg soon.

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