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Family-friendly and hassle-free recipes for the whole week

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Monday: Chicken on cheesy leeks

This filling dish is comfort food at its best. The chicken is wrapped in Parma ham to lock in the juices, while the leeks are packed full of flavour. The cheesiness of the herb-flavoured cream cheese brings this whole recipe together.

Tuesday: Lamb-mince curry

Add a little heat to the week with this delicious lamb-mince curry. The curry paste and coconut milk work together to create a creamy and fragrant dish. Serve it with a fresh flatbread so everyone can soak up all the sauce.

Wednesday: Zesty lemon and herb baked hake

Fresh and light, this zesty lemon and herb baked hake is a great dish to serve for when the in-laws come over. It’s easy to create and they’ll definitely want the recipe for it! It’s also perfect for a warm summer evening when it’s best to eat outdoors under the stars. 

Thursday: Tadpoles in the hole with onion gravy

Good food doesn’t need to take hours to complete. Instead, it should be effortless and quick, just like this dish for tadpoles in the hole with onion gravy. The kids can help by mixing the batter while you prepare the rest of the ingredients before it all goes into the oven.

Friday: Tuna-melt nachos

Just like a Mexican lasagne, the nachos soften at the bottom while baking – yum! These tuna-melt nachos are a great way to spend a Friday night in with the kids, and the rest of the family too – there’s certainly enough to go around!

Saturday: Gnocchi & chorizo gratin

Nothing says an indulgent weekend quite like this fabulous dish for gnocchi and chorizo gratin. Try your hand at making your very own gnocchi, or opt for the quicker route and buy them. With only five ingredients, this recipe is a great one to keep on file!

Sunday: Quicker coq au vin blanc

This French-inspired dish is ideal for a relaxed Sunday afternoon with the family. By using a pressure cooker you will ensure that everything is cooked perfectly and with optimal flavour locked in. 

Delicious dessert: Rhubarb-crumble ice cream

Bring on the warmer weather and longer days so we can enjoy more of this tasty rhubarb-crumble ice cream! It’s also so simple to make because it doesn’t require a fancy ice-cream maker, which makes it an accessible recipe for everyone. 

Weekend bake: Apple pie

This apple pie is the perfect solution if you have a surplus of this fruit. Make sure to keep their skins on during the bake but be sure to remove all of the core. A freshly baked slice of apple pie with a dollop of cream sounds ideal!


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