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Monday: Spinach roulade

Enjoy a #MeatlessMonday in style with this impressive spinach roulade. This eye-catching offering is served at room temperature, so there’s no last-minute stress if you’re entertaining guests. Check that the cheese you are using is suitable for vegetarians and you’re all set. 

Tuesday: Saucy prawn curry

Enjoy a taste of the ocean with an indulgent saucy prawn curry. Yes, please! The fresh spices and herbs give this dish its winning look and flavours. It’s perfect for a midweek family dinner.

Wednesday: Rye-crusted pork chops & apple slaw

A succulent pork chop lovingly coated in a flavourful rye crust sounds too wonderful to be true! But it is – and it’s so simple to make! The chop is perfectly paired with a fresh apple slaw, which is made with red cabbage and, of course, the faithful Granny Smith apple.

Thursday: Tuscan ragu

Nothing says decadence quite like this Tuscan ragu! The Italian sausage and pork shoulder create the perfect base for this dish, while the grated Parmesan and bay leaves take it t0 new heights.

Friday: Pizza with rocket and prosciutto

Friday is pizza day and no better way to spend it than with a slice (or two) of this tasty pizza with rocket and prosciutto. You can go the extra mile and make your own dough recipe, or you can take it easy and buy premade pizza bases and simply top them with the ingredients.

Saturday: Exotic mushroom & chicken paté strudel

Mushroom lovers can choose from everything from portabellini and shiitake to shimeji and oyster for this dish. Serve with a fresh garden salad and you have a complete meal. If you really want to wow your family or guests, make your own pastry. 

Sunday: Smoked salmon scrambled eggs

Start a Sunday the right way with a healthy helping of fluffy scrambled eggs and amp it up with a serving of rich smoked salmon – yum! Serve the scrambled egg on a tasty bagel and make sure you toast it for extra crunch.

Delicious dessert: Banoffee pancake stack

Go big or go home with this scrumptious sweet dessert! Make the pancake stack as high as you want – just be generous with the caramel, cream and dark-chocolate shavings so you can enjoy every single bite.

Weekend bake: Summer pudding cake

Decadent and impressive to look at, this summer pudding cake is a great way to celebrate summer and impress guests at the same time. Use any berries you like, for example strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, redcurrants or blackcurrants, or a combination.


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