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Taste test: Fish fingers

This speedy dinner classic is quick to prepare and packed with nutrients, and leftovers are great for lunchboxes




Woolworths Fish Fingers (R57,95 for 800g) were the winner. The fish was lightly seasoned, moist and firm, with a nice fishy aftertaste.






I&J Fish Fingers (R26,99 for 400g, Pick n Pay) were evenly crumbed, with an appetising golden-brown colour. And they tasted great





Spar Hake Fish Fingers (R46,99 for 800g) were well seasoned, with a good fish flavour. Tasters said the fish fingers looked appetising and ‘beautiful’, and they were evenly crumbed.



Also tested:


PnP Fish Fingers


Tasters said that the fish fingers were unevenly crumbed. They were golden brown but had a dry, crispy texture with very little seasoning.

Price: R28,99 for 16, Pick n Pay



Iceland 40 Breaded Fish Fingers



The fish fingers were golden brown but unevenly shaped: some were thick and some thin. They had a bitter flavour and were lightly seasoned.

Price: R49,99 for 40, Checkers




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