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Taste Test: Hot Cross Buns

These lightly sweetened, spicy buns are best enjoyed warm and spread with butter. We tested four brands: these are worthy of a spot on your table this Easter



The Woolworths Traditional Hot Cross Buns (R16,95) won our tasters over with their texture, mildly spiced flavour and wonderful aroma.





SuperSpar’s hot cross buns (R12,95) are big on value and flavour. Our tasters liked the sweet flavour and spicy aroma.





Tasters liked the glossy, dark-brown colour of Pick n Pay’s hot cross buns (R15,99). They also liked the slightly spicy aroma of the buns.



Also Tested


Sweet Treat



Our testers said these hot cross buns were just sweet enough, but it was not spicy enough. It was a bit dry and had very little fruit inside.

Price: R13,95 for 6, Checkers





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