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Taste Test: Kalamata Olives

Any sundowner tastes even better served with a bowl of olives. We tested nine brands of kalamata olives, and these came out tops:




Our blind taste test revealed that Woolworths Choice Grade Kalamata Olives (R44,95 for 425g) is the brand to choose. Our testers loved the colour, aroma, texture and aftertaste.






Costas Kalamata Olives (R11,99 for 200g, Pick n Pay) scored high, with our testers highlighting their lovely shape and size, flavour and aftertaste, and fruity aroma.





Our testers praised the size of the Goedgedacht Calamata Style Olives (R10,99 for 200g, Pick n Pay). They had a soft texture, fruity aroma and pleasantly bitter aftertaste.



Also Tested:



Buffet Olives



These olives were inconsistent in size and had a mild bitterness, but a fruity aroma. They were more brown than purple in colour, with a soft and mushy texture.

Price: R12,49 for 200g



PnP Calamata Style




These olives were very bitter and soft. They had a dark colour and were inconsistent in size.

Price: R11,49 for 200g



Woolworths Pitted Kalamata & Green Olives



These well-balanced, fruity olives performed well in our test. They were crunchy and had a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Price: R21,95 for 70g



Woolworths Kalamata Olives in Brine




Their fruity aroma and crunchy texture were a hit with our tasters. They had a bitter flavour and good size.

Price: R29,95 for 280g



Darling Olives



These olives had a fruity aroma and were smaller than the other olives we tested. They were soft and had a bitter taste.

Price: R9,99 for 200g



Tuna Marina



These olives had a bitter and sour taste. Our tasters were pleased with their fruity aroma and good, oval size.

Price: R15, 99 for 200g







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