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Taste Test: Milk Chocolate

When the craving strikes, it’s hard to resist a block of chocolate. We tested five plain milk-chocolate brands; here are our top scorers:




Lindt Swiss Classic Swiss Milk Chocolate (R27,95 for 100g, Pick n Pay) was voted the outright winner. Our tasters said it had the smoothest texture, and they loved they way it melted on the tongue.





Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate (R10,99 for 90g, Pick n Pay) came a close second. Our tasters enjoyed the smooth texture, stronger chocolate flavour and lovely creamy aftertaste.





Our tasters found the melt-in- the-mouth texture of Nestlé Aero Milk Chocolate (R12,99 for 100g, Pick n Pay) irresistible. It had a mild flavour, with a lingering aftertaste.




Beacon Milk Chocolate



Tasters said that this chocolate was sweet, with very little chocolate flavour coming through. It had a smooth texture at the start, but left a grainy residue on the tongue. (R9,99 for 90g, Clicks)



Nestlé Milk Chocolate



Nestlé’s chocolate slab was very sweet with a milky-smooth texture. Our tasters said that it smelt a bit like popcorn. (R7,99 for 80g, Pick n Pay).



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