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Taste test: Plain Beef Biltong Snapsticks

When it comes to local being lekker, there’s nothing more lekker than SA’s favourite snack. These biltong brands came out tops:






PnP Beef Snapstix (R38,99 for 80g) were voted number one for their texture and taste. Our testers liked the look and size of the sticks.







J&M Plain Beef Sticks (R35 for 75g) came in second place for their well-balanced flavour and appealing appearance. Tasters enjoyed the meaty aroma and chewy texture.






Tasters loved the chewy texture and meaty aftertaste of Woolworths Original Beef Snapsticks (R26,95 for e size 55 f  50g), and the consistency of th of the sticks.



Also tested:






Our tasters found this biltong’s appearance appealing. They commented that the flavour was too salty, with a meaty but bland aftertaste. It had no aroma and the texture was dry and hard. (R22 for 64g)






Our testers commented that it tasted bland, with a slightly salty aftertaste. Its texture was tough and dry. Our tasters said it had a raw, meaty aroma, with a bloody aftertaste. (R27,95 for 50g)

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