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Taste test: Puff Pastry

Keep it in your freezer and you’ll be ready to create delicious dishes in minutes. We tested six brands; these came out tops





Woolworths Ready Rolled Puff Pastry (R14,95) was a golden colour when it came out of the oven. Tasters enjoyed its rich, buttery flavour and soft, flaky texture.






Pastry Pride Puff Pastry (R9,99, Checkers) was slightly thicker, with a good flavour. Tasters said it had a rich, golden colour and a flaky, crispy texture after baking.






Tasters enjoyed the light mouthfeel of Today Original Puff Pastry (R11,99, Pick n Pay). It was flaky and crispy, with a great flavour.



Also tested:



PnP Puff Pastry



Tasters said it had a good dark brown colour after baking and a nice thick texture.

Price: R10,49, Pick n Pay



PennyWise Puff Pastry



Tasters enjoyed its flaky, crisp texture, and said it had an appetising golden colour after baking, with good layers of pastry.

Price: R11,79, Pick n Pay



AliBaBa Puff Pastry



This puff pastry had a good flavour and a wonderful rich, golden colour. It was slightly thicker than the other puff-pastry brands.

Price: R9,99, Checkers


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