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Taste Test: Tea

Our tasters slurped, swirled and sniffed through 12 brands of teas to find the best brew. These came out tops




Checkers Housebrand (R4,89 for 26 tea bags, Checkers) had the winning formula for the best tea. Our tasters enjoyed its light, herbal aroma and golden brown appearance.






Our tasters were impressed by the mild tea flavour and pleasing herbal aroma of Lipton Yellow Label Tea (R16,99 for 40 tea bags, Pick n Pay).






PnP Ceylon Tea Blend (R23,99 for 100 tea bags, Pick n Pay) scored top marks for its pleasant aftertaste. Tasters said that it had a ‘nice, light herby flavour’ and

a lovely dark brown colour.








This tea is perfect for people who prefer a slightly weaker brew. It had a wonderful rich, dark colour.

R14,49 for 100, Checkers






This tea had a wonderful rich, dark appearance, with a distinct flavour.

R5, 99 for 26, Checkers



Teaspoon Tip



Tasters said that it had a well-balanced herb flavour and light herby aroma with an appealing rich, dark colour.

R24, 99 for 100, Checkers



Spar Tagless Tea Bags



Tasters found its rich, brown appearance appealing.

R4,99 for 29, Spar



PnP No Name



For milder tasting tea, PnP’s No Name tea will hit the spot. It had a good, golden brown appearance, and is comes with an affordable price.

R4,29 for 26, Pick n Pay






Our tasters said that Trinco had a nice rich brown appearance and a distinct flavour.

R5,49 for 26, Checkers






This tea had a strong taste and a lingering aftertaste.

R4,49, Spar



Tetley Big Tea



Tasters enjoyed its nice light herb flavour and said that it had a good light brown appearance.

R24,99 for 102, Pick n Pay






Tasters said that it had a rich dark colour and a distinct aftertaste.

R10,99 for 26



Five Roses



This tea had a good light colour and a distinct taste and aftertaste.

R9,99 for 26, Pick n Pay



Woolworths English Breakfast Tea



Tasters said that it had a light, herby smell and good light brown appearance.

R20,95 for 40


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