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Taste test: Tomato sauce

Perfect on hot dogs or for adding flavour to your favourite meal, tomato sauce is a firm family favourite. We tested five brands off supermarket shelves:

First place

All Gold Tomato Sauce (R12,99) was voted the best by our testers for its dark-red colour, smooth and thick texture, and delicious tomato aroma.

Smooth operator

Heinz Tomato Ketchup (R14,29) scored good grades for its smooth and thick texture. Our testers loved the aroma and the rich red colour of the ketchup.

Sweet and sour

The testers loved the sweet aroma of Wellington’s Tomato Sauce (R13,39). Our testers thought the taste, a combination of sweet and sour flavours, was good.

Also tested:

Premium choice 

Our testers loved the sheen and rich colour of Woolworths Tomato Sauce (R21,95). It also has a smooth and thick texture and lasting flavour.

Satisfactory choice

Testers noted that Glen’s Awesome Tomato Sauce (R14,99) was not as thick as the other brands of tomato sauce and that it had a sweet taste.

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